How We Perceive Color and the World

This was an interesting video, especially because I am a scientist. I’m not sure that I agree that neuroscience says that our only understanding of the world is what we perceive, but I do think it is something we must take into account. Great science has come from thinking beyond what we perceive with our senses. I think of light, and then I think of how we discovered there was a whole spectrum of electromagnetic waves beyond what we can see or feel. Discoveries such as this took thinking far beyond what we perceive. Maybe we will reach a wall where there is a phenomenon in the way the universe works that is beyond the capabilities of human understanding, but I like to think we will find ways to relate to phenomena far beyond our senses and observations using metaphors to what we know so that we can understand it better. What are your thoughts on this?

One response to “How We Perceive Color and the World

  1. I think a more complete way of stating it is the “world” is what we perceive and conceive. We never get – at least, using the current methods of science – one step beyond perception and conception.

    If science was conducted properly, we would remain wholly and utterly agnostic to what is “beyond”, but unfortunately, due to unwitting metaphysical dogma, we assume there is something beyond, that is the foundation of all science, that is essentially dead, non conscious, and completely without purpose or intention.

    This leads to irrational absurdities from people like Jerry Coyne and Francis Crick, who are otherwise good and intelligent scientists. It also is perhaps the single greatest barrier to progress in science.

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