Thoughtful Children’s Toys

I think this is a beautiful idea. While there is still argument about whether or not women are better at verbal skills and worse at spatial reasoning due to cultural upbringing or nature, designing children’s toys to give young girls more options in life helps them benefit in many ways. Creating an engineering toy that blends with what young girls in our current culture are interested in is brilliant. That’s what the creator of GoldieBlox is doing.

6 responses to “Thoughtful Children’s Toys

  1. Thanks for bringing it to my attention. We’re ordering it online. One of my daughters loves construction toys, but despite our best efforts, they tend to gravitate toward toys marketed for girls because that’s what their friends are playing with.

  2. This is a great idea. It’s too bad everything has to have pink slapped on it. My daughter loathes pink. She loves Snap Circuits, Legos and Lincoln Logs (and not the “girl” version). I love the concept, though and enjoyed reading the link on spatial reasoning. Very interesting information!

    • Yes, pink does seem to be painted on many things marketed to girls (ugh, and even female adults). I’m sure I had my fair share of pink things growing up because I wanted to fit in, but I also enjoyed playing legos (in “boy” colors) with my brother a lot. I’m always impressed hearing stories of your daughter and her confidence to be who she is outside of what others tell her she should be or should like!

  3. This is brilliant! I love it!

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