Disciplinary Problems In Our Education System

I recently wrote about my thoughts on how a schools response to a young girl’s science experiment reflected racism and the expectation that women should not cause trouble, but this is not the sole issue behind the overreaction of the school. There is certainly a farther-reaching problem with our school disciplinary systems that affects everyone. Students are being punished for the wrong things all too often. I emphasize the wrong things because I don’t always see students getting disciplined when it needs to happen.

The overreaction

I want to think my fellow bloggers and commenters for alerting me to many recent ridiculous disciplinary actions at schools. I will post a few of these instances below:

Forming the Thread wrote an excellent blog post called “The Idiotic Message We Send Our Kids About Violence,” which includes several recent incidents of disciplinary actions and lack thereof.

Fifty Four and A Half wrote a post about guns in schools versus current gun legislation called “The Danish Connection.”

The Infrequent Atheist alerted me to a Kindergartender who was interrogated until he peed his pants, and was then suspended for 10 days.

The under reaction

Time and time again we hear of stories where bullies and rapists are not getting the proper punishments through schools. When we ask why we don’t see punishments for these crimes, a common response is “why aren’t these crimes handed over to the police?”

What an excellent question. Why should schools be faced with the heavy burden of suspending and expelling rapists and bullies? After all, it’s not like they are punishing students for petty crimes or fake guns.

Oh, hold on a second. Something seems off here…

5 responses to “Disciplinary Problems In Our Education System

  1. Yup. Just a little bit off, I’d say. The idiots are in charge. My post was written before the background checks bill and all the others were defeated by the Guv’ment fearing yahoos in the Senate. So sad.

    Oh and the boy who bit the pastry into a gun? Just this week the NRA gave him a lifelong membership.

    Thanks remembering my post!

  2. Thank God we have administrators who are far-sighted enough to shut down these future terrorists. Bullies and rapists only attack one person at a time so they can be ignored. Why must idiots be given positions of authority?

    • I always wondered about the administrators at my high school. There were a few administrators who really wanted to make a difference, but it seemed to me that many used to be semi-popular bullies who entered the real world and weren’t really cool anymore. So, they came back to high school again.

  3. I had never thought of it that way.

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