Card for Boy



My local grocery store wanted me to know that a card with star wars Lego figures is indeed a card for a boy. It need not say anything in the card that refers to the male gender. The subject alone constitutes that these are boy things, and, just in case you can’t figure this out on your own, it has been nicely labeled for you.

Don’t even ask what the “girl” cards were.

11 responses to “Card for Boy

  1. I do hate the whole princess schtick. It annoys me no end. Because of course that’s what the girls cards were.

  2. Grrrrrrrrrr….this goes in the pile of things that aggravate me. I’m still boiling after taking my teenage niece clothes shopping yesterday. Could not find one pair of shorts that didn’t look like underwear with pockets. But the boys – they apparently get material with their shorts.

  3. My girls gravitate towards the cards/toys labeled for boys (I could use the “boy” label to figure out what my girls might be interested in!), but a gender-less label like “superheroes” or “lego cards” would be much more helpful.

  4. I remember getting the era-appropriate versions of these cards back [mumble mumble] years ago. Along with my relative lack of genetic material (that Y-chromosome can be so useless!), I got pigeonholed as a future man of action. I guess I proved them wrong (in mostly good ways)!

    Sure, you didn’t intend it this way, but not knowing the girl’s version has me inventing all sorts of ridiculous scenarios. Fun and sickening.

  5. It took so long for Mattel to realize why G.I. Joe dolls weren’t selling. Of course — they’re action figures!

  6. And I wonder if there are any cards with similarly powerful messages “for girls” (so to speak).

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