More Research on Attracting Girls to STEM Fields

New research shows that women are more likely to take STEM classes if they are in a community with female role models in STEM fields. This is certainly helpful knowledge for getting young girls to try out science and engineering.

Now, the issue of getting women to stay in these STEM fields remains, as women still drop out of these fields at higher rates during various points in their careers.

4 responses to “More Research on Attracting Girls to STEM Fields

  1. I’m not surprised to see that hostility in the workplace is one of the key reasons women leave these fields. Title VII (and how courts have interpreted it) hasn’t done enough to protect women from sexism in the workplace, from the belief they shouldn’t be there to sexual harassment.

  2. I wonder if there’s any research on the likelihood women stay in these fields if they continue to have female role models and mentors. Let us know if you hear of anything. (I’m sure you would!)

    • That is an excellent point! According to a few studies, role models and mentors do make a difference. I’m hoping to write more about this. One assessment called the athena factor looked at women in science/engineering/technology and did find that women who have sponsors were less likely to consider leaving the field than those without sponsors.

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