A Sexual Harassment Comic

This is pretty amazing. It basically sums up what happens when someone comes forward with a sexual harassment complaint. It also sums up the comments that you read under news articles about sexual assault. The comments remain in your head like a dormant virus that activates when sexual harassment occurs. Then, BAM:

But I can’t report…because…THIS.

Sexual Harassment Conversations, in Comic Form

4 responses to “A Sexual Harassment Comic

  1. The double-blind, catch 22. Seeing the world through a patriarchal perspective.

  2. Did they copy those comments from Pharyngula’s responses to the blog or did they come from Reddit’s Slymepit?

    • Ah, thanks for introducing me to the Slymepit. I always wondered whether the uber conservative crowd from my hometown would ever find anything in common with Atheists. Now I know. Radical feminism has already been ruining Christianity and now it is poisoning atheism.

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