Female Vloggers and Sexism

Emily Graslie, host of “The Brain Scoop,” talks about some of the sexist mail she receives. I thought this video was really well done, especially since she discusses some more personal notes about how sexist comments aimed specifically at women drive women away from making video blogs.

Here are some candid quotes from her video, but the whole video is excellent.

“While there are at least 13 STEM channels hosted by men with more than 400,000 subscribers, and 7 of those 13 which have topped 1 million, there are only 4 channels hosted by women that have more than 160,000. None of us have more than 1 million.”

“What is preventing women from reaching the same number of people? I feel like in general women don’t have enough time to do these things because of the pressure that every episode has to be flawless in execution. This could be a deterrent for both men and women, but I feel like women are going to give up more easily because of comments like this, ‘I’d still totally do her.’”

“We have a fear of the feedback from our subscribers and commenters because we’re afraid that our audience is more focused on our appearance than the quality of our content.”

“There’s a fear of the awkwardness that comes with being onscreen with anybody else because some assume that there must be some sort of personal relationship happening which makes work with that person later on awkward…That brings on self criticism like I’m not funny or intelligent or engaging enough on my own.”

“There’s a pressure to be the whole package. Not only do you have to be intelligent and articulate, but you also have to be attractive.”

2 responses to “Female Vloggers and Sexism

  1. Unfortunately, it’s not just women writing about STEM, just being a woman on Youtube talking about nearly anything. The only exceptions I’m aware of are women in the arts and a few like Laci Green who stopped talking about atheism and started talking about sex. That’s a topic that can break through the MRA two-second attention span. It’s depressing that even if it’s a low percentage of males who are jerks, when you multiply by a couple hundred million, that’s more than a few.

    • It is pretty interesting how jerk commenters on the internet seem to be so loud about their opinions. I’m sure a lot of them are just trolls, but it’s those comments that could almost be said by a real person that really dig in.

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