The Bill Nye vs Ken Ham Debate

If you are in Kentucky and have an extra 30 bucks lying around (mainly because you wouldn’t want to donate that money to scientific cancer research or anything like that) then you can go visit the Creation Museum!

Quit frankly it seems like a really fun place, especially for kids. If it wasn’t pushed as the ultimate truth, and it were left as a fun children’s playground, I might not be so opposed. The issue is that the founders of the Creation Museum seem to think that scientific theories are just something that you sit around and make up based on what you believe. There seems to be a huge disconnect between understanding the scientific process and how it leads to scientific theory. The museum doesn’t end at creationism. You can also catch shows at the planetarium such as “The Christmas Star,” where you can learn about “possible” explanations for the “star” that led the wise men to Christ.

This brings us to the debate between Bill Nye and Ken Ham, the head of the creation museum. Bill Nye has been a fierce advocate for science, and Ken Ham has been a strong preacher of creationism. Before the debate, there was a fair amount of criticism regarding Bill Nye actually debating a creationist. I am personally am all for it. You absolutely need to talk with people who have opposing views to share your ideas, and not turn your nose up at them.

For an overview of the debate, you can click here. I’m posting  the full debate below:

“So it sounds to me, just listening to you over the last two minutes, that there are certain parts of this document, the bible, that you embrace literally, and other parts that you consider poetry. So it sounds to me in those last two minutes like you’re going to take what you like, interpret literally, and other passages you’re going to interpret as poetic descriptions of human events.”

-Bill Nye

2 responses to “The Bill Nye vs Ken Ham Debate

  1. Thank you for posting this. I am looking forward to watching it!

  2. You commented “I am personally am all for it. You absolutely need to talk with people who have opposing views to share your ideas, and not turn your nose up at them.” The debate took place at the Creation Museum, and I doubt that many creationists in the audience had any change of heart or even had any seeds of doubt planted: On the other hand, it’s fortunate the there was a much wider audience on the internet, so I suspect that from that point of view, you’re right.

    Ken “Were you there?” Ham probably spoke for most creationists in the audience when he answered the question “What would change your mind?”. As expected, his answer was “Nothing anyone can say will convince me the word of god is not true”. That pretty much cinches it: “Nothing”. And why should he change his mind when he has the ultimate Truth of the universe on his side? Nye, of course, said that he would need just one piece of scientific evidence. How wishy-washy can you get, changing your mind at the drop of a hat just because you’ve encountered a new fact?

    I’ll have to admit that Nye was much better prepared than I expected and he didn’t let Ham pull him off topic. There were only a couple uncomfortable spots where he wasn’t familiar with creationist tactics and he didn’t have a ready answer for Ham, but I’m not asking for perfection — I was impressed.

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