Engineering, Science and Tech

Here is a list of blog posts regarding engineering and science research that I have found interesting.

LiDAR for Detecting Air Turbulence

What is Pica?

Noncontact Atomic Force Microscope Shows Molecular Reformation

It’s still a trend though, right? Right?

Europa’s ocean may have similar salts to Earth’s ocean

Students Debate the Gay Gene

The Privatization of Space Exploration

Seeing a talk on the Deepsea Challenge

Voyager 1 now on a Magnetic Highway

Mars Curiosity rover finds interesting things

Exploding Capacitors

Encountering the Aurora

Has Voyager 1 Left the Solar System?

A New NASA Spacesuit

The Loss of Arctic Ice Contributes to Extreme Weather

Ultra-Fast Photography Shows Light Propagation

Proto Planetary Cloud is Heading for Black Hole

Current and Upcoming Exciting Space Exploration

Why Women in Engineering Need Mentors (And the Lack Thereof)

How We Perceive Color and the World

Ferrofluids Are Always Fascinating

Energy Harvesting From Viruses

Interesting New Maser

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